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Subject: Farming Pt lolicons pussies little girls 6Part 6 Farming prospective employee out from BCI can see Ian looking and he appears to be asking question as to who is
this. I walk up to the truck and say welcome to Australia Ian. Ian's mouth
drops and is saying is that you John sure is mate. How the heck did you
know where I was well I said let me introduce my brother Roger and now
everyone is laughing.Roger asks how long was the flight just under five hours had a good tail
wind as well. Ian ask where did you come from I said Tara Station which is
in southern part of the Northern Territory.I said come back to our house I'm sure Roger has not drunk all my beer yet
because I need one. So that afternoon was spent catching up on things that
Ian had done and what gave him the pure nudism teen loli idea of moving this way.Ian's comment was a couple of his mates not in farming had done this moved
and said they said it was the best thing they had ever done, so what the
hell lets see what is available. I really did not expect to find anything
so quickly. However now I am here to see what sort of operation this is and
I must say I am very impressed and to become Assistant Manager will make a
number of my farming mates very jealous.I did not think of it at the time but I did not see a pilot with you when
you landed, both John & Roger started to laugh. Sorry Ian there was only me
on the plane I have my pilots license and if fact most of the managers have
that and some have a helicopter license.For your information, you cannot get a license unless you are an Australian
Citizen which both of us did about two years ago after we started working
here on a five year work permit and once we got our citizenship we did not
have to worry about our work permit it became non-existent.Ian said well it sounds as if you two have no reason to return to Canada;
well they gave their story from being young guys at school until dad passed
away.Something else we both love each other and when I was invited to look at
this job by Jim I said I could not do that unless my brother was with me as
two of us are so close. Jim understood this and hence we made the trip to
north of Fort St John so Jim could meet and see the type of work Roger was
doing.Like you, we came out for a month but within two weeks the two of us told
Jim, we accepted his offer. Ken who used to be the manager was 68 years of
age and his daughter wanted him to retire and they had a ground floor suite
for him in there house. Ken had lost his wife about three year
earlier. There was no maintenance person or assistant manger; that is very
interesting says Ian.Well between the two of us I am convinced this is the way to go for you.Roger says something that you will not be used to but we will lend you
suitable gear because we will take you out to where a great number of our
aboriginal crew are working and in our opinion getting to know them is very
important and recommend you do this on regular occasion with all
crews. This means we will sleep out in the open and we can tell you it is
so peaceful and the stars are so brilliant it is very beautiful. Phew that
will be very different however I look forward to this proposed trip.Roger said look it's about an hour before dinner and we are all eating with
Jim at the big house so us all go our own way and get cleaned up and meet
over there in about 45 minutes.We meet up with Jim just prior to dinner and as Roger and I walk in he says
I know now what you two like and with that two G&T are handed out, in comes
Ian and Gavin so it was the same all around. General chit chat took place I
quietly told Jim our plans to take Ian out for a couple of nights in the
bush where some of the crew is working -- Jim says you buggers and he is
laughing but he says that is a dammed good idea and take Gavin with you as
well providing he has his swag with him. I said our only spare one we are
lending to Ian and may be some other gear.As normal we had an excellent dinner, then Ian said he had been asked to go
out in the bush for up to two nights and was looking forward to this
trip. Jim says to Gavin why don't you join them, problem is I don't own a
swag -- hum! Well Gavin you really should and it was left like that.Next morning Roger asks Ian what welding experience does he have and when
was the last time he did any welding. The answer was mostly when I was at
school doing shop work however about two years ago I had to make a repair
on a piece of equipment and to the best of knowledge it is still OK.Fair enough but I would like you this morning to do a couple of test pieces
to see how you make out, I will lend you some fireproof coveralls and the
welding truck has everything else that you may need, so lets get ready. I
was also watching out for any unsafe action on Ian's part.Well for a person who has not done much welding he did pretty well; and in
fact his welds looked better than some I have seen at other stations. That
afternoon the three of us took off in crew cab complete with our esky
loaded with enough food and three flasks of water and our swags.I must say Ian seems to getting into the swing of things, the first crew we
meet were branding and tagging cattle, we watched this operation from a
distance so as not to upset the cattle. The crew stopping now for Tea and
we walk over to them, hi boss how are you, real good thanks and Roger say's
this guy here is a friend of John's from Canada. Big smile comes o there
faces and someone in the crew and says oh yes we can convert him into an
Australian, there was much laughter.Hey John why don't you do some tagging and we will do the branding we must
make sure you keep your hand -- Johns reply no board3 cgiworld nn lolitas worries pleased to help
out.Well that evening we found a nice clean spot cooked our food over a small
wood fire after which we rolled our sways out and sat around with the crew
just simply talking by the time the sun went down we hit the sack, it was a
real nice clear night. Ian is looking at the sky saying that is real
pretty. The next morning we moved on to where some fencing work was going
on and then on to ploughing was taking place. We went upstream so the dust
was blowing away from us; they were using three ploughs side by side. Our
radio trips hey John is your brother with you by any chance, yes he is;
well I have something that he should look at please -- no problem. We
will all stop once we are to where you are parked.The tractors all arrive and stop Roger and Ian go to have a look at the
problem, the operator said there seems to be some strange flexing on this
arm. At first Roger cannot see anything then he wipes all the dust and
grease away and using his finger nail runs it across the area a number of
times and then spots the crack.John this machine is going to have to stay here till we get it fixed, do
you have our camera if so bring it over here please, get a full shot of
this side then some close ups of the crack. I phone Jim and tell him what
we have found, now I would like you to bring the welding truck out to the
top end of area 3 were they are ploughing, but first please go over to the
rear of our home and on the veranda there two pairs of fire proof
coveralls, my welding hood and gloves. You will see the problem when you
get here, might be a good idea to bring Gavin out as well but leave that to
you.So Roger has all ploughing stop? No John is going to run with two machines
until this one is fixed -- Tx Roger I guess it will be about 45 minutes
before I will be there.OK Ian we are going to fix this before any more damage occurs, now you saw
John getting photos and there is one other we need and that is serial name
plate because we may have to get a replacement arm from the suppliers. So
Ian how would you tackle this repair to keep things rolling; he laughed and
said where I'm working we would call in the supplier to fix it. But I
understand why we are going this way too much money is being lost with the
downtime. Exactly you sure nude webcams teens lolita have got that right, now you didn't hear my
phone call I made to Jim but will be here shortly with the welding truck
and bring our coveralls etc and he may have Gavin as well. You see Jim is a
hand's on man and he knows his way around all his properties and until you
are able to identify where you are it is difficult. Now this is called area
three and we are at the top end. That is the only thing I had to tell Jim
and he knows where we are and he also knows that the other two machines are
running OK.My radio goes saying can't see you at present if you are facing this way
turn your head lights on please, just hang on I will turn the truck around
but I can see you in the distance you're about a mile away. I'm flashing my
lights, thanks Roger got you be there in a few minutes.Jim pulls up and asks what is the problem OK come here I'll show you, oh
bugger what ever we do to repair won't last long but at least hopefully
till this ploughing is completed.OK Ian coveralls on and I do the same, so Ian where do we start. Firstly we
need some water in case of fire, then grind out the crack -- good go
ahead and do it please. Ian is about to start and I said stop you are
missing something, the look on his face you know he does not know lolita girl clip nude -- Ian
safety glasses please there will some in the truck and then go ahead. lolita models from russia He
does good so what is next the root pass but would prefer you to do that
please. No problems I get that done and clean out any slag. OK Ian you can
go ahead now, he takes his time and does well.I get the operator to start up and move the arm, he says looks good no
flexing at all Roger good but before you go into preteen lolita bikini thong operation give this pivot
point a good greasing please. I shake the operators hand and say you did
well there and saved a lot of damage and many thanks.We all stay there talking waiting for the other two machines to arrive and
he falls in to the line up and full plough commences. John says reduced
ploughing for four hours that's real good. Ian what do you think, you know
I enjoyed getting back to basics much better than all that office work I
like it and Jim I except your offer.Well that announcement was a lolita russian nude contest welcome to the family you will not regret says
John. I think we are all should go back home however Ian you can still have
another night out under the stars as both my brother an I will be with you.Jim freedom bbs lolita elweb says Ian perhaps you would travel with me back then we can talk on the
way, so lets go John said we will give you five hot little nymphet lolita minutes then we are not in
your dust.We head on home and during our drive John says I'm pleased that Ian is
taking the offer, you know I think Gavin is the weak link but I hope not. I
wonder where he was as I suggest that Jim bring him out here but I'll find
out later. I'll need your camera when we get back because the first thing I
must do is order a new arm and will send photos into the supplier so there
on confusion, luckily lolli teen fun girl they have email. Sounds good big brother, John says
we going to stop under that bunch of trees as need a good piss.We both get out and do the same, and then sit on the tail gate. Roger says
you know I do not regret working up northern BC it was a real eye opener
but in the end the mud and biting cold winds got to me plus the fact we
were so far apart.The welding crews were really great folk and we all look after each others
butts, those condition have stood me in standing we here because a bit of
mud does not concern me plus it's nice and warm. Then I have you to scrub
my back my love and embrace -- freedom bbs lolita elweb John I'm so glad we moved and I love this
countryside and its remoteness plus we are working for a great boss who
understands our love of each other. I guess we should get moving I first do
my office work re-ordering then head over to our home and strip off and
head for the shower.I'm in the shower, John has completed his scrub down and the phone goes, it
turns out to be Jim and does not sound too happy and he asking if he may
come over to talk, I said sure thing Roger is in the shower at the moment
and won't be available for about five minutes no problems John see you both
in ten.Hey Roger Jim is coming over in a few minutes and does not sound too happy,
I no idea what is bugging him I'll be there in a couple of minutes.We are both sitting out on the veranda as Jim drives into the yard, we were
just going to have a beer would you like one Jim, that's the best offer I
have had today thanks. John gets the beers and hands them out and then John
says, something is bugging you so spit it out -- Jim is very silent then
he starts fully nude russian lollitas to talk firstly this is not bugging me. I was very impressed how
Ian worked today he is going to be a great asset to the entire operation
especially since he openly except the offer to join us.Now the bug -- Gavin I discovered he did in fact have swag with him,
however he did not like the way this station was operating and felt as a
manger he should be getting more respect plus he was expected to dress the
same as the crew was the last straw in his opinion and as result he
promptly quit. So to-morrow morning please fly him to his old station no
dam latina preteen naked lolitas it I won't do that but one of you please fly him into town to-morrow
morning and we will send his personal possessions to what ever address he
provides.Now this presents me with a problem, it is too early to put Ian as manager
so I need one of you to that job here but at the same time I need to allow
Joe to retire, your thoughts. Well john and I look at each other, that's a
tough one but I think says John I will go and to relieve Joe and Roger can
easily do my job here while you find a replacement for Gavin. Jim says come
on guys stand up please for a few moments and we three hugged and Jim said
you guys have taken a weight off my shoulders thank you so much.Now Gavin was Keith's assistant I'm going to phone him right now because
really we need two more guys. Hi Keith Jim here and how are you today, in
myself good but I need to talk to Gavin as there were jobs he was supposed
to handle and now I find he has not done what was asked. Frankly I don't
want him back her either, Jim no problems there he has quit and all I want
you to do is to pack his personal gear into cardboard containers and ship
them off once I have an address. Jim says I know you are short handed so
please bear with me while I get too more folk, two say Keith how come well
Joe is retiring very shortly and John is going to fill that spot, his
brother is staying here for the time being getting our new man Ian into
gear, and by the way I'm sure he is going to work really good. Roger was
please as his ability to weld and had to prove himself on anticipated
breakdown today and got right in there. Keith asks would he be suitable to
become a manager, given time I would certainly say yes. Keith says you
certainly did well when you took on John and Roger they are a great couple
even if they are brothers and that have made some friends with crews
especially our aboriginal folk and that is so important. If you get them
pissed off you are liable to loose all of them having gone walk about. Well
Keith I will be in contact with you another day -- bye Jim.I have already let Nancy know you were coming to Dinner to-night, now Ian
at present knows nothing of this problem but after dinner the four of us
will sit down, discuss, and advise Ian of the situation you never know he
may know of board3 cgiworld nn lolitas someone.
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